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At Humidor 1 we carry a wide variety of Pipe brands and products.  Our inventory and availability is always changing, please contact us if you are looking for something specific or for recommendations.  Our team will provide you with knowledgeable, honest and professional service.  Please view below samples of some of the products we carry.  We offer the best prices for the best quality, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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BC Pipes

Brigham Pipes

Brigham Pipes

Chacom Pipes

Lorenzetti Pipes

Nording Pipes

Peterson Berlin

Peterson Pipes-Broadway

Rattray's Pipes

Savinelli Pipes

Stanwell Briar Pipes

Stanwell of Demark

Vincenzo Pipes

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Briar Block

Brigham 1DOT Pipe

Brigham 2Dot Pipe

Brigham 3DOTS Pipe

Brigham Pipe 2

Brigham Pipe 3

Butz-Choquin Calabash Pipe

Butz-Choquin Calabash Pipe 2

Butz-Chouquin Chantily

Chacom Assorted Pocket Pipes

Chacom Imperial 2 Stems Rusticated

Chacom Modern Art Pipes

Chacom Pipes

Lorenzetti Sandblast Pipe

Lorenzetti Smooth Pipe

Meerschaum Pipes

Mini Meerschaum Pipes

Mini Meerschaum Pipes 2

Nording Free Hand Pipes of Denmark

Nording Free Hand Pipes of Denmark 2

Peterson 999 Sterling Silver Pipes

Peterson Aran Smooth 150

Peterson Barrel

Peterson Pipe of the Year 2012

Peterson Pipes of Dublin

Peterson Sandblast Fishtail Pipe

Peterson Spigot 999 Sterling Silver

Peterson Tankard

Peterson XL Rusticated Pipe

Rattray's Butcher's Boy

Rattray's Butcher's Boy 2

Rattray's Dark Ale 106

Rattray's Pipe Blowers Daughter

Savinelli 1st Pipe University

Savinelli 140 Anni Natural

Savinelli 140 Anni Natural 2

Savinelli 1876 Churchwarden Brown Blast 921 Pipe

Savinelli 1876 Vaniglia 901

Savinelli 1876 Vaniglia

Savinelli 2015 Collection

Savinelli Leonardo Clavi Viola Black II

Savinelli Leonardo Clavi Viola Rusticated II

Savinelli Leonardo Giochi Di Luce

Savinelli Miele 128

Savinelli Miele 611 KS

Savinelli Petit Natural 105

Savinelli Sistina 316 KS

Savinelli Sport Edition Golf Natural

Savinelli Tandem 920 KS

Savinelli Uomo Vittruviano

Savinelli Vaniglia 401

Stanwell Free Hand Briar Pipes

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