Browse Our Large Desk Top Humidors & Cabinets

At Humidor 1 we carry a variety of Large Desktop Humidors and Cabinets.  We have an in house selection of different brands, finishes and other useful accessories.  Our inventory and availability is always changing, please contact us if you are looking for something specific or for recommendations.  Our team will provide you with knowledgeable, honest and professional service.  Please view below samples of some of the products we carry.  We offer the best prices for the best quality, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

H1-9300 Cabinet-75C (I)

H1-9300 Cabinet-75C (II)



H1-9800D-Dark Mahogany Humidor-200C

H1-10100-500C (I)


H1-15500-1000C (I)

H1-18400-2000C (1)

H1-18400-2000C (II)